“Militant” : Brent’s VeilSide RX-8

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6388

When ever you visit most online car blogs, you find yourself reading about all these specs and long parts lists – then wonder to yourself; what is the main goal and inspiration for some of these so called car “builds” today? – is it about how much money you can spend? – or perhaps bragging rights about your taste? – some say it’s about expression of personality… Well this blog post in particular is about love, and how exactly it led Brent to driving this mind blowing street sensation that just screams ‘militant’ everywhere it rolls.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6366

 About four months ago, Brent called me up asking us to do a video for his 2004 RX-8 when it was done. He explained to me that it was going into the shop and when it was completed… he wanted us to put together something special for him. I met Brent a couple years ago, and to many of you who have been following our Facebook page, his Mazda is no stranger to the local car scene here in Trinidad. When Brent explained to me his reason for doing over the car and mainly the video, I was in shock and saddened at the same time… I stood speechless on the phone for a few seconds.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6326

The love we all share for cars can sometimes be hard to explain, many of us who feel this can relate. But what about when we share this love for the same car with someone else? – now that’s something awesome, in which the car itself represents a symbol of love and dedication between those two people. It’s no longer hard to explain in conversation and expression, because that love is now something special and mutual. This is the love that Brent and his late girl friend Kerry Ann Richardson shared for their car, and the way it looks today is exactly how she wanted it to… These were ideas they both discussed with each other mere months before she departed in March of this year. This event transformed Brent’s entire life, and his new look was done in loving memory of Kerry Ann.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6391

Brent purchased his RX-8 basically as is… except for one thing, that matte military green paint job – which was Kerry Ann’s choice of color, and one of her dying wishes. Even when they went to view the car and first sat down in it, she said to him “I know nothing in this world will stop you from having this”, and she smiled… they both fell in love with the car immediately. Previously the car was painted in a chameleon system which was done by the folks at Car Works in central Trinidad, they are also the ones responsible for the VeilSide aero kit, carbon fiber wing and 20×9.5 Motegi wheels all round. Other than that, this is basically a stock RX with a 5 speed manual transmission, K&N intake system and a custom exhaust setup. The engine is the factory Renesis rotary motor with full Atkins treatment. Brent however, added the copper-tone tow hook & wheel nuts and also tinted the head & tail lights for contrast… and of course, his new paint job.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 -IMG_6348

A simple change of color has made an amazing impact on the car’s appearance, those beautiful body lines of the kit and car are now visible with the new matte finish… and generally, it looks a lot more aggressive. This thing looks sick crawling through the streets, as you can see his kit almost reaches the ground. Sitting on a static suspension, Brent tells stories of his planned routes and premeditated trips, as almost anything on the road’s surface can destroy his bumper and side skirts. It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make on a daily basis… as he commutes along the east to west on highways, and through the capital city on his way to work.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6355

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6432

The military matte green really gives off some amazing tones in different shades of lighting, and it gives the car that raw and angry personality… which flows correctly with the kit and wing. Their (Kerry & Brent) choice of color scheme sets the car into a dark grungy feel, with that hint of copper to make everything alive in the right places. Brent isn’t about that ‘stretch & poke’ life which we more than respect here at stancemovement.com, never the less; he still hits the nail on the head for that low and mean stance.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6415

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6410

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6402

 Culturally speaking, Brent is a huge Mazda fan as he also owns an MX-6 and has plans of purchasing an RX-7 soon. Over the years since I’ve known him, I can safely say he’s a true car enthusiast and thinks that one can have different platforms for multiple genres and styles of customization. He isn’t about any one particular thing…  well that’s other than a Mazda, lol.  So he plans on having all 3 Mazda platforms for 3 different styles and preferences, which is something we eagerly await to see and maybe even feature :)


 It’s always hard to lose some one close to you, but it’s the aftermath that counts… how you deal with your loss; and how you learn to pick up the pieces and move on… Brent says that this has shown to him so much in life, and even transformed his everyday routines. He’s one now who moves solo in this wicked RX8, with the front passenger seat empty most times. He and Kerry spent a lot of their time together in this car, so every where he rolls – the memories of her, roll with him… both in his car, and in his heart. Shortly after her death, the car went into the shop to be painted in this color in Kerry Ann’s honor, today it stands as a rolling memorial on Trinidad’s streets.

Garage Fresh - Militant Veilside Rx8 - IMG_6429

Every where that Brent goes with this VeilSide 8, heads cant help but turn… and jaws just cant help but drop, especially when people see this car up close and personally. Despite the regular question “Is that color legal?” – who f*cking cares ? … because that’s the color his beloved girl friend wanted it in, and the way Brent was feeling after her sudden passing, there was nothing in the world that would stop him from painting his car in that awesome color.

View in HD 1080p :

We thank Brent so much for giving us the opportunity to shoot his car and sharing his story, with this being our very first feature for the re-introduction of this website, we wanted it to be very special. We also thank him for the business, and do hope he likes the video we put together for him In Loving Memory of Kerry Ann Richardson.  Stay strong my brother,  and as you said to me in our chats “what doesn’t destroy you, only makes you stronger, & smarter”. Keep putting smiles on those kids faces when you roll by, and big respect for pushing this thing slammed on a daily. A kid even told Brent “your car makes me think about life”, pretty interesting stuff. Thanks to everyone for reading this article, feel free to share these photos and post the story link to your facebook walls…

Words, Photos & Video by : Riaz S. Ali

Shot on Location : Brechin Castle, Couva – T&T