“Reckless Abandonment”: GarageFresh S13

We know for many of you, this has been a long awaited project in the build. Most of us know how ‘pet projects’ go, they never seem to finish as planned. Meet Navin Seedath’s Nissan 180SX, a beautiful balance of form plus function… Navin also just happens to be one of the Co-Founders of Garage Fresh, so incidentally this is one of our official flagship vehicles. So where should this story begin..?



Bought a little over a year ago, this SX came into the garage with signs of nothing but abuse and old age, despite everything Navin was determined to do a full restore and bring her back to life once more. His plan was to have it complete within four month’s time, but in the end… nothing resulted as planned, his entire build took a strange twist in events.  Most of you who know Navin, knows his taste and style, and after his last two Legacies he was fixed on doing a project that would definitely stand apart. The SX was scrapped down to bare chassis and restored from the ground up, it’s powered by an SR20 Black-Top Motor with mild mods and a few bolts-ons. As you can see, nothing was spared in terms of presentation, in and out of the engine bay. He currently runs an AEM piggy-back system, but they’re considering switching to a Haltech stand-alone setup in the very near future.





So initially, the idea for this build was to keep it extremely simple, yet aggressive.. with a hint of fresh. The car remained at the painter for more than six months, in that time the concept transformed as the weeks went by. Essentially, when doing a build so many ideas come to mind, but in the end the execution must be tasteful and flowing, contrasting yet still combining. Navin spared no expense in attention to detail, virtually every cosmetic and aesthetic part was ordered on-line and shipped as the months went by… from his body kit, carbon fiber panels, side mirrors, lights, brakes, wheels, suspension and roll-cage, everything was imported and just waiting, at times I noticed his impatience and seldom frustration.


For months we exchanged emails of concepts, ideas and parts… sometimes we spent hours on the phone figuring out color schemes and fitment choices, but after around ten months or so into the build, Navin was approached by multiple interested buyers… many offers were refused into the final weeks of his build, but just before the point of completion, he was made an offer he just couldn’t refuse… Navin agreed to sell his 180SX.



IMG_7768   Untitled-2

Initially the plan was a Charcoal tone that the GT-R’s came in, but after the first coat was sprayed we couldn’t resist the matte finish. Plans were changed, and so the car was coated in matte clear giving it the aggressive appeal we were aiming for. The bonnet and trunk panels are both Carbon Fiber, giving the matte a nice contrast with it’s gloss. Being patriotic to our brand, the entire engine bay, roll-cage and brakes were accented in Teal. Custom Bride fabric was also imported for the entire interior. Coming down to the final hours of completion, Navin made an agreement with it’s new owner to keep the car for one month, until he takes it off his hands. In that time, Navin made sure every fine detail in the car was on point, fitment being of greatest importance. We went with a set of XXR’s 18 x 9.75 all round, giving the car that proper, yet practical stance.



So after it’s Reckless Abandonment, this SX now sits tight at the home of his new owner… Navin has no regrets though, as he bought a 350Z that’s dope as f*ck just before he sold this project. All in all, this 180 remains one of GF’s flagship rides and you’d definitely be seeing it at a meet near you ;)