“Ice Cream & Cars” : Gulf City Meet 2011

So finally, the pics are up… our apologies go out to each and everyone who patiently awaited. This was a small meet which was put together in a little over a week, and the turn-out we received was amazing on such short notice. From 7pm, one by one we saw them rolling in and finding parking spots… and by 10pm, the car park was packed with one hell of a display of JDM goodness.

gulfcity 000 gulfcity 001 gulfcity 002

We did see a few very tasteful Euros in the mix, but the crowd was generally dominated by the new local ‘S Club’ and our avid supporters from the Mazda / Rotary Club, along with a proper mixture of Hondas and other sport compacts. We were surprised to see so much S15′s at the meet tho, not to mention the assortment of S Chassis cars most present. Guys are really starting to catch on to the ‘stance’ concept as we are seeing some really aggressive fitments showing up on the local scene.

gulfcity 003 gulfcity 004 gulfcity 005

he ‘lime’ was really nice and so was the ice cream… tuners all came together from far and wide to meet, greet and have a good time, exchanging ideas about parts, tuning and experiences. These meets truly bring enthusiasts together and gives everyone a fair chance to show off their ride. Most of these cars are not daily driven, so it’s a good opportunity for folks to see what we’ve got on the local scene, as it helps to stimulate the Euro tuner & JDM culture here in Trinidad… We invite everyone who share common interests with the movement to indulge in our meets, or simply just come out and see what’s it about. If it isn’t your ‘vibe’, then that’s ok… we fully understand that not everyone may enjoy the same things. But for those who prefer a less ‘busy’ environment and like to jus chill, relax & chit chat, you’re always welcomed to join the family… jus rmber, we like ‘em rare… so keep them coming 

gulfcity 006 gulfcity 007 gulfcity 008 gulfcity 009 gulfcity 010 gulfcity 011 gulfcity 012 gulfcity 013 gulfcity 014 gulfcity 015 gulfcity 016 gulfcity 017 gulfcity 018 gulfcity 019 gulfcity 020 gulfcity 021 gulfcity 022 gulfcity 023 gulfcity 024 gulfcity 025 gulfcity 026 gulfcity 028 gulfcity 029 gulfcity 030 gulfcity 031 gulfcity 032 gulfcity 033 gulfcity 034 gulfcity 035 gulfcity 036 gulfcity 037 gulfcity 038 gulfcity 039 gulfcity 040 gulfcity 041 gulfcity 042 gulfcity 043 gulfcity 044 gulfcity 045 gulfcity 046 gulfcity 047 gulfcity 048 gulfcity 049 gulfcity 050 gulfcity 051 gulfcity 052 gulfcity 053 gulfcity 054 gulfcity 055 gulfcity 056 gulfcity 057 gulfcity 058 gulfcity 059 gulfcity 060 gulfcity 061 gulfcity 062 gulfcity 063 gulfcity 064 gulfcity 065 gulfcity 066 gulfcity 067 gulfcity 068 gulfcity 069 gulfcity 070 gulfcity 071 gulfcity 072 gulfcity 073 gulfcity 074 gulfcity 075 gulfcity 076 gulfcity 077 gulfcity 078 gulfcity 079


words by : Riaz S. Ali