“Nothing Is Perfect” : Griffin’s CK-2 Lancer

    As we approach the closing months of 2014, it’s clear to see that the ‘stance culture’ has taken Trinidad by storm this year. Tuner style wheels are in high demand, with hundreds of people asking a question not familiar to wheel dealers locally; “What’s the width and offset?” Everyone’s trying to get their specs

“Militant” : Brent’s VeilSide RX-8

When ever you visit most online car blogs, you find yourself reading about all these specs and long parts lists – then wonder to yourself; what is the main goal and inspiration for some of these so called car “builds” today? – is it about how much money you can spend? – or perhaps bragging rights about your taste?

LMCS – Kouki S14 : “Tunnel Vision”

Here’s some amazing shots we took of this S14 Kouki we did for LMCS Ltd. We traveled out to the historic Knolly’s Tunnel for this video shoot, our first one for 2014. Hope you folks enjoy this short video captured and produced by Culture Shock Films.

#MASHUP/2013 : Lowered Congress Meet

Lowered Congress NYC teamed up with us , and traveled all the way to Trinidad to capture this meet- taking T&T’s car scene back to New York with them, for the rest of the world to see… that Trinidad & Tobago has ALOT to offer . Special thanks to RatedRpm Ltd for their major contribution to this meet,

Twice as Nice : “The Guns from Grande”

Some awesome shots taken by Kevin Khan Photography, with a pair of dope rides – out of east Trinidad, Sangre Grande to be exact. Meet Gideon’s Evo7 and Darren’s Altezza, two very clean rides dressed in white… The Mitsubishi runs the 4G63-T setup with additional parts and mods, and sits on a set of Advans

“Reckless Abandonment”: GarageFresh S13

We know for many of you, this has been a long awaited project in the build. Most of us know how ‘pet projects’ go, they never seem to finish as planned. Meet Navin Seedath’s Nissan 180SX, a beautiful balance of form plus function… Navin also just happens to be one of the Co-Founders of Garage

Daryl’s RPS13 : “Devil in a Red Dress”

The many faces to Daryl Bocus’s RPS13 180SX Fast-Back… he went through quite a few wheels over the years, and runs an SR20DET B/T under a Apexi Power-FC Management System. His car sits on a Cusco suspension, with minor exterior aesthetics.  

“Ice Cream & Cars” : Gulf City Meet 2011

So finally, the pics are up… our apologies go out to each and everyone who patiently awaited. This was a small meet which was put together in a little over a week, and the turn-out we received was amazing on such short notice. From 7pm, one by one we saw them rolling in and finding

Hard Parking – on – Maracas Bay : 2011

      So on Sunday, 30th January… the “Stance Movement” staged yet another small meet dubbed “Hard Parking – on the bay…”. From the early hours of the day, tuners from all across the country gathered to join the convoy… from the Caroni Bird Sanctuary parking lot, headed straight to Maracas Beach. From 9:00am,